Road to Eurovision Song Contest 2022: Interview with MARO

Her song is one of the most listened amongst those participating in Festival Da Canção 2022 – for the National Selection of Portugal at Eurovision Song Contest 2022. So we decided to know more about MARO’s song, dreams and future projects.

On this Road TO Eurovision Song Contest 2022, we had a chat with MARO – who’s competing in Festival Da Canção 2022 with her song “Saudade Saudade“. She told us about her dreams, her future projects and how the song she’s taking to Festival Da Canção was born.

MARO – Festival da Canção 2022 – Eurovision Song Contest 2022

It is a very persona page of her life, something that was almost unavoidable, like if a stronger and outer force was taking MARO to always right songs about this person: “Sometimes we need to understand that even if someone is not with us any longer, we need to cherish the moments we spent together, and be grateful for the time we had with that person“, she said.

MARO is a Portuguese soul taking her music at an international level, also thanks to the many cooperations she had with very influent artists, last but not the least, with Jacob Collier, from whom she said, “I really learned a lot in a very relaxed way”.

MARO has been caught up in the production of her new album, lately, and she told us more about it and the new release date, for which we cannot wait.

And how do you think she answered to our tricky final question? You won’t believe your ears when you will hear what she said. I cannot give you so many anticipations, but watch the full interview and leave us your comments below the video: we would love to know what you think.

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