Senhit’s #Freakytriptorotterdam continues!

San Marino’s famous artist and Eurovision alumni is taking us on a musical adventure to Rotterdam 2021.

Senhit (formerly known as Senit) made her San Eurovision debut for San Marino back in 2011. She was selected to compete once again in Eurovision 2020.  Since it’s cancellation due to the global pandemic, we’re happy to say that Senhit will return in 2021!

“I will represent San Marino at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. So I have decided to go on a freaky tribute journey to celebrate the Eurovision history and its fans…”

To ease the wait until next Year, Senhit is releasing covers of Eurovision classics rendered in her original and unique musical and visual style.

So far the #freakytriptorotterdam consists of 3 amazing covers – “Cheesecake”, “Everyway that I can” and the most recent one – “Ding a Dong”.
tell us what you think in the comment section below. Best of luck to Senhit x we can barely wait to see her in Rotterdam in 2021!

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