The lesbian politics of utopian socialism: The abused have become the abusers.

History has not been taken as a lesson that should be remembered, learnt and avoid past errors but we are far too careless and ignorant to take responsibility.

The lesbian community was one of acceptance and played a leading role in tolerance from the 1950’s until the late 2000’s. There were two descriptive characters to name the limited variety of lesbian brackets: The famed feminist fems who were renown for their trails of heartbreaks and social justice fights and the butch who resembled the manners of a gentleman with a slight touch of roughness around the edges. The community then could be described as an embracing entity compared to today’s need of approval. What was once a welcoming and tolerant scenery has become a mere snub in the dark, where one has to behave, think and look a certain way. Very little is recorded on the matter for the sole reason of treading on eggshells when it comes to criticism of the LGBT+ community.

Many would acknowledge parallels between socialism and homosexuality but since I primarily focus on today’s lesbian community, let me dismantle piece by piece the notion of the lesbian egalitarian clique. To understand the basis of what is to become nothing more than fragmented pieces laid to rest across what was once Charles Fourier’s ideology of sexual expression in socialism, a minimal knowledge and understanding of political history is a must.

The given definition of socialism by Charles Fourier, one of its founding fathers is ‘an egalitarian society where wealth is shared by all’ and add alongside Fourier’s notable quotes ‘all sexual expressions should be enjoyed as long as people are not abused’. Abused which was once a word too often experienced by lesbians having to fight for today’s LGBT Rights is forgotten; The abused have become the abusers.

I have spent 10 years mingling in the lesbian community and find that with time, the closed door ring has hurdled towards the far-left like cattle to the slaughter houses. To politically challenge the community would result in being blacklisted but one could imagine the scene taking place in the 16th Century and you would be hanged and have your feet thereafter attached to the back of a horse to be ridden around the city to be made an example of. 19th and 20th Century socialism is no longer the political pinnacle of the lesbian community. Today, they practice authoritarian socialism which signifies crushing individuality. Individuality which is said to be embraced and practiced by the disfigured community is another lie added to their agenda. Lies are what lead socialist countries to develop into communism led by a dictator. Now, you must be wondering who might I consider to be the leader of such an obnoxious revolution. I have no name to throw out into the open but instead will award a much deserving title to each and every lesbian who has contributed to bifurcating the community and knight them ’Trollieskys’. Little do the community know, the Nazi party’s foundation was based on socialism. Hitler did not represent the far right but adequately retained the position of the far left – one could possibly argue that there are certain figures within the community who are more deserving of the title of the ‘Aufseherin’.

The United Kingdom went through what could only be described as a historical election that took place on Thursday 12th December 2019. When it was announced that Boris Johnson had won the vote, the lesbian community took our their shovels and were ready to bury anyone who did not vote for the renown anti-Semite the Honourable Jeremy Corbyn. I overheard a group of women outside She bar expressing their discontent for the newly elected prime minister. I couldn’t help myself but turn to ask ‘why would you vote for a party that no longer represents the foundations it is based on ?’. My question was met with utter disgust on their faces. I giggled for a moment. Realising I had hit a nerve, I proceeded with a statement ‘the labour party have been found guilty of accepting donations from individuals who have promoted homophobia, terrorism and racism.’ When shouted at, to back up my allegations which were published by credible sources and admitted by the Labour Party leader himself, I began my discourse and was interrupted when it did not please them to hear the truth. I could feel I was being devoured with their eyes and the trolliesky to my right was expecting a harsh reaction on my behalf when I was insulted by her who was impatiently waiting to justify any physical violation she was to commit. I removed myself from the scatty situation and decided to rejoin my friends downstairs. Funnily enough, the trolliesky had made a move on one of my friends and when introduced, I was met with what could only be described as a facial expression which was most certainly no oil painting. I put my hand out in order to shake hers in what is to be considered good manners. Predictably, she put her head down to look at my hand and then into my eyes as to say ‘Fuck off’. I felt the need to wink and smile at her to which I did and she soon scurried off.

My experience among a community who is reluctant to change and to accept the fact that we live in a democracy is furthermore an obstruction to inclusiveness. By ostracising a group of people who do not share the same political beliefs as you is the core of authoritarian socialism and one political tactic Hitler used and won by a landslide. Gaining unpopularity in the community is of no importance since they are horribly blinded by political absurdity which is damaging to individuals such as myself who have become disliked by what the LGBT call ‘the muggles’.

Roberta Moore


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