Vladimir Putin proposes to re-write Russian Constitution with new and very anti-LGBT+ rules.

“Marriage will be defined as the union of a man and a woman”.

This and many other proposals are among those constitutional amendments that the Russian president, Vladimir Putin proposed and which are set to be put to a public vote.

This is clearly a strategical move that Mr Putin wants to play to keep a hold on his power even when his presidential term would end in 2024.

Amongst the proposals for the change of Russia’s Constitution we can also find a proclamation of Russians’ faith in God and a very strong ban on giving away any Russian territory, and this would of course, strengthen Russia’s power on Crimea which legally belongs to Ukraine but that got annexed to Russia in 2014.

These changes will continue Putin’s homophobic and anti-LGBT+ position, putting a ban on possible civil unions between two people of the same sex and on any LGBT+ related activity (Gay Prides above all).

As reported by BBC’s Russian Correspondent, Steve Rosenberg: “Among the proposed changes that get little mention in the state media here is the inclusion in the constitution of a little-known body called the State Council. It’s believed this could be a possible future power base for Mr Putin. Other amendments will end up strengthening the power of the president.”

A very smart move to maintain his power for many years to come, and to create his state of power and fears, pushing Russia down to the most powerful ignorance of all times.

The current constitution dates back to 1993, when President Boris Yeltsin was very close to Western democracy and capitalism, but this is not what Putin wants. His drive against liberalism brought him to very controversial decision, such as the ban against any “gay propaganda” in Russia, a ban that has been used to violently harass the LGBT+ community of Russia and their rights.

Always the BBC article reminds us that “the constitutional reform bill was approved by the Russian parliament’s lower house – the State Duma – in January, and Mr Putin’s amendments were introduced in time for a second reading next week. The Russian legislature is dominated by Putin supporters.”

Vladimir Putin is now trying his very best to convince the population to vote for these amendments on 22nd April 2020, and to do so, he is using a big dose of populism in his campaigns, with God, Family and Marriage to be the essential part of them, but not forgetting to promise constitution support for wages and pensions.

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