Covid-19: LGBT+ people still seeking for hook-ups on line despite restrictions. 

Two in ten LGBT+ people would still consider online dating/hook-ups amid this coronavirus pandemic. Researchers would explain it as a need to fill a loss of intimacy during this historic moment, more than anything else. 

All this, of course, goes against the restrictive measures that almost the whole world is applying to stem Covid-19 pandemic that is redefining our daily lives and routines.

Despite the increasing numbers of deaths due to coronavirus, it seems that about 28% of LGBT+ people would still consider casual hook-ups (mainly for sex) through famous dating apps; according to the Queer Voices Heard report published on Tuesday.

Participants for the social business group who took part to this survey, described community’s “real fear” of the viral epidemic, with 57% of respondents believing that their lives will get worse in six months.

“COVID-19 poses a real threat to our physical and mental health, the relationships we have with others and our lifestyle,” said lead researcher Max Willson, reiterating the fears of LGBT+ people.

About 72% of the interviewed participants, reported that they are concerned about the impact of coronavirus on their lives, while a third of them fears that the epidemic will have a negative impact on their physical health due to existing mental health conditions.

“This sense of pessimism about the future is consistent in all sexual identities, both straight and non-straight,” says the report.

We all know that these are very hard times, but we do need to be strong all together for a greater good and better times.

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