Curdin Orlik comes out as gay.

“It is better to be yourself than to live in fear of who you really are.”

Swiss Swing Wrestler Champion, Curdin Orlik decided to come out and talk about his homosexuality a few days after the historic vote where the Swiss people voted in favour of a law that severely punishes all homotransphobic discriminations.

Many users on social media have praised his choice to come out and the entire sport world got so positively shaken by this brave man that we hope many other sportsmen will want to follow his example.

Curdin, 27, who has got a child from a former wedding, said: “I have been gay since I was 12. […] This is me, I can’t help it. That’s how I was born. I have hidden who I really am. Now I want to be free.”

The Swiss Gay Pink Cross Federation said they are pleased to welcome a new member: “We are surprised by your courage. Thank you for sharing your story with us.”

Good luck for your future Curdin!

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