Forget “basic”, welcome awesomeness with Tia Kofi’s first music video

During her participation to RuPaul’s Drag Race UK she was accused of being “basic”… we b*#@$es… she is back and there is nothing basic.

Tia Kofi won by far a great number of RPDR UK’s fans with her sympathy and sense of humor, but also because she has demonstrated to all of us that she can be a great entertainer.

She released her fist song last Friday, and we spoke about her debut single here.

Today she is out with her music video, and believe us: you will love her awesomeness!

Tia Kofi spoke to Metro about her career transition: “It’s something that’s always been sort of inside, in my head and something that I’ve always sort of aspired to, but I never dreamed that I’d have the platform or the ability to do it. . . . I’ve actually written songs previously for past Drag Race contestants and when I knew that I was going to be on the show, I started thinking about sort of writing my own songs. A mutual friend put me in touch with Tom Aspaul and Little Boots, who had this amazing song which sort of allowed me to put my own vocals and own spin on.”

The video is a continuous party of neon-lights, stylish and glamorous outfits for a song that really makes you wanna dance!

“Mama Ru ordered her Kofi to go”?… We want her to stay and slay in the music industry!

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