France starts the selections for Eurovision 2021

The French selection for the next representative at Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam has started, and it is promising good songs.

“France will return to a National Final but with a new concept and a new name”, this is what France Télévisions announced when presenting the new 12 contestants for the National Selection of ESC, and the new format is now called Eurovision France – C’est vous qui décidez! – basically “you decide!”.

Who are the 12 singers in the contest this year?

  1. LMK – Magique
  2. Ali – Paris Me Dit
  3. Casanova – Tutti
  4. Barbara Pravi – Voilà
  5. Cephaz – On A Mangé Le Soleil
  6. Amui – Maeva
  7. Andriamad – Alléluia
  8. Philippine – Bah Non
  9. Juliette Moraine – Pourvu Qu’on M’Aime
  10. 21 Juin Le Duo – Peux-Tu Me Dire?
  11. Terence James – Je T’Emmènerai Danser
  12. Pony X – Amour Fou


How it works.

Like the name suggests,  the song will be partially chosen by the audience from home, whose votes will count for 50% of the total score. The other 50% of the votes will be given by the so called professional jury, made of 10 professional musicians and singers. Stéphane Bern will host the show on France 2.

When will it start?

Soon! From today 16th December 2020 and for 12 nights in a row France 2 will start showing a video-portrait of each artist during the prime time programme Eurovision France – les finalistes. In these videos, artists will be presenting themselves and will share more information about their lives, careers, dreams and will also present their songs.In these portraits, the artists will present more information about their career as well as their songs.

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