Left-wing MPs troll Andrzej Duda the homophobe at his swearing creating a rainbow with their outfits.

The fight for LGBT+ Rights in Poland is something that must be carried on, and these MP’s from the left-wing have found a great way to troll the re-confirmed president to Poland.

Poland LGTB+ Supporters from Left-wingAs anticipated, unfortunately Andrzej Duda was re-elected president of Poland last month:in  his campaign he lashed out at same-sex marriage and promised to ban same-sex couples from adopting children, comparing homosexuality to devil’s plans. With his re-election, LGBT+ rights (or whatever the LGBT+ communities in Poland reached) were smashed and completely cancelled.

With the LGBT+ Polish population under attack, some activists still try to fight against this huge wave of homophobia, and some of the left-wing MPs decided to show their support to the LGBT+ community wearing colourful outfits and creating a rainbow during the swearing of the homophobic president.

Magda Biejat from the left-wing Razem party, said “The president of Poland should defend the rights of all citizens”.

Other representative of the left-wing and LGBT+ movements praised the initiative of these ladies

Thursday’s ceremony comes a day after Polish police charged three people for draping rainbow flags over several statues in Warsaw last week, including one of Jesus Christ.

The three have been charged with desecrating monuments and offending religious feelings and face up to two years in prison if prosecutors proceed with the case.

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