Dolche, the singer and proud LGBT+ member that will take you around the world with her unique songs.

She is a proud LGBT+ member, a singer, a unique and peculiar artist, and together with her wife Chiara, will be mother soon.

We like looking out for new artists, for those unique talents that make you enjoy music even more.

Dolche_ph Ivon Wolak
Dolche_ph Ivon Wolak

Her name is Dolche, a sweet and unique multi-instrumentalist born in an Italian-French family in a small village in the Alps (Aosta) with a unique story. She accepted her homosexuality at a late stage of her life but since she understood it, she said “I must love my-self and cannot hide who I really am!”.

She has got over 5 albums under her belt and has performed in hundreds of concerts around the world, also opening Laurin Hill’s concert in Italy.

On 21st October Dolche will release her latest album, called Exotic Diorama, which has been anticipated by the song BIG MAN (video here).

During our new episode of #TheGaylyTalks, Dolche opened up about her private life, her projects and her memories.

Watch the full video here!


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