Little Mix release new song, and we are ready for a super “Holiday”

The British Pop Group magically becomes a group of mermaids that will enchant us with their voices and music.

Oh yes, TGIF, and new music releases are out. Today, we want to suggest you to add a new song to your play-list.

Holiday is the new single released by the British Pop Girl-band known by the name of Little Mix, and this song will stay with us for more than just a summer.

The official video is not out yet, but we can sing along with a very enjoyable karaoke video that they posted on their YouTube Channell:

Jade, Perrie, Jesy and Leigh-Anne have matured and empowered more than ever since their latest album “Glory Days”. In this new recording project called LM5, the four artists have targeted gender inequality, challenging what it means to be a woman right now within society.

Holiday is a powerful single of emancipation, woman-power and positive vibes: singing the song you feel there is nothing that can hold you down and you are ready to finally take that slice of happiness you deserve.

But there is much more: in this song the protagonist talks to a man who has literally made her lose her head and with whom she would like to be together forever, because he has changed her existence in a such a positive way from all points of view that she is sure about what she really wants now!

Rumors say that a new studio album is expected by the end of this year. Can we say “when life gives you lemons, Little Mix bring you happiness and flavour”?


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