Married Couple Seek Woman: Have You Tried a Hoover and a Wet Sponge ?

For all married couples who are disrespectful towards women who do not wish to be part of their sordid sexual games, I say to you ‘have you tried a hoover and a wet sponge ?’.


The amount of married straight couples who lurk in the shadows of online dating sites tend to have a penchant for lesbians over bisexuals. 9 times out of 10, it’s the wife who holds a flame to experience a lustrous passionate girl on girl action while her husband can either watch or with consent might join in. I do not have an issue with couples wanting to spice up their relationship but I do hold a grudge when they begin pestering lesbians on dating sites. I thought it was clearly obvious within the label that men are not wanted. We are a very promiscuous community but it should not be mistaken for wanting to sleep with men and married women. Gay men don’t go lingering on straight male dating sites so why is it acceptable for it to be the other way ?

I decided to interview two couples on why they believe that a lesbian would care to join their twosome and why not settle for a bisexual woman. It became clear to me that the woman wished to not share her female counterpart with her husband. When we look back on such situations, we always claim that it is the man who opted for a FFM threesome but when it truly boils down to it, it’s the wife who simply wants her one on one experience. There’s nothing wrong with marital couples seeking sexual exploration and there are no judgements towards their motives but they are disliked for their pushiness. What makes straight couples believe that a lesbian would want to be part of a dick swinging experience ? If it’s not clear enough in the label then it must be when explained more than once how men are not welcomed nor are their wives. A clear explanation is never enough for these hungry sexual individuals who then turn to abusive language. Not all heterosexual couples on the hunt for a third party are verbally aggressive but many do feel that women from all sexual orientations should be accepting to which many are but if they wish to not participate in their adventure then they should  in return respect and thank the women for taking the time to reply. 

I briefly got chatting to a random married straight couple who passed by on my profile. I couldn’t help myself and felt the need to begin a conversation. Having asked a couple of questions, the lady was polite and was happy to answer. She knew from the start that my only intention was to enquire for the sake of reporting. The reason she did not message after visiting my profile was because she read my description and noticed that I state that I am a lesbian. I respect couples who take the time to read people’s profiles and make a decision to message or not based on what has been written. I fully accept and hold no issue with them but too many of us have experienced the unpleasantness and thus it has given straight married couples looking for fun a bad reputation. For all married couples who are disrespectful towards women who do not wish to be part of their sordid sexual games, I say to you ‘have you tried a hoover and a wet sponge ?’.

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