Road To Eurovision 2022 – Titina’s Talks with Fado Bicha

A new marvelous season of Titina’s Talks has begun, and on this Road To Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin, we decided to kick it off with a fun and honest interview with Fado Bicha, one of the most interesting duos participating in Festival da Canção 2022.


We had the pleasure to have a lovely and open-hearted conversation with Fado Bicha, and the outcome of this interview is absolutely great!


OFFICIAL TRANSLATION OF THE SONG: Povo Pequenino – Little Nation

Little was the nation, barefoot in the frost Little was the nation, taught by the beating Little was the nation, already carrying the hoe Little was the nation, crying over the times table Biting their teeth, licking their lips Dipping old bread in the stew Oh, little nation Your feet in the mud of fate Oh, little nation Your feet in the mud of fate Doesn’t your heart weigh you down With the burden of the lesson? Doesn’t it weigh you down? Oh, little nation So humble and so pretensious Oh, little nation So humble, such a scoffer Doesn’t it hurt in your heart The shrapnel of the cannon? Doesn’t it weigh you down? There are carnations floating in the sea At the bottom, there are enslaved people Oh, how much of your salt? Oh little nation Poor little nation Oh little nation Poor little nation Doesn’t it weigh on your heart, So much fear of the song? So much love for the baton? IG: TheGaylyMirror FB: TheGaylyMirror

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