Senhit: a Eurovision star fighting to improve Women’s lives

This second lock-down for Covid-19 around the world has shown very worrying numbers when it comes to Domestic violence.

This is why Senhit – famous Eurovision start from Italy (representing San Marino) – has decided to act against these cases of violence and to do so she has started a cooperation with Pangea, an Italian non-profit organisation that works internationally.

The idea was born from the artistic duo Senhit formed together with Luca Tommassini – the internationally famous Italian dancer and choreographer – victim of domestic violence when he was only a child.

In a video posted on Instagram Senhit said: “Staying locked at home is difficult for everyone, but in these months of isolation those who live in situations of violence have little chance of escape. In Italy alone, there was a 119% increase in requests for help because of domestic violence episodes compared to last year. It is precisely on a special day like the International Day Against Violence on Women that we gather the strength and courage to launch an initiative together with @pangeaonlus to support all families and children affected by this violence.

How to help. Every week, until the end of the year, I will post several choreographies and dance tutorials on my profile that you can replicate. For each person who will dance and publish their video on Instagram together with the hashtag #DanceForPangea and will tag me (@senhitofficial) and Luca Tommassini (@lucatommassinidreamer), 100 euros will be donated to the Little Guests of Pangea project, up to a maximum of 50 thousand euros.

Will you help us make a difference?

The initiative is a very special one as it will help Pangea to keep their project to defend and protect women and their children who are victims of domestic violence by taking them out of their “families”, offer them a secure place to stay but also financial and legal support.

What is very striking is that all the money that will be donated to Pangea will come from Senhit and Luca’s own pockets.

So, let’s all #DanceForPangea and help those in needs. Then who knows if maybe also other Eurovision stars around the world will start projects like this using their own money!?

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