We must not be ashamed of exploring our sexuality.

We have all endured the strap-on phase. But this is the strap-on of the century ! At 6 inches long and only 5 inches of insertable pleasure it strikes a woman’s G-spot just right. I have spent years searching for the Holy Grail of toys and here she is ! At £24.99  with free delivery Harmony have created the perfect gift either for you or your partner. The dildo is not too soft but firm enough to not slip out or snap when carrying out certain positions. We know far too well of those awkward moments when the dildo slips out aggressively, hurting our vaginas and causing us to no longer want to persevere. This strap-on initially frightened me as do most sex toys but I cannot keep running away.

Without my partner knowing, I took one for research for my fellow women who struggle to find their sex toy pleasure. I had decided it was time to venture out and performed all imaginable positions I could think of. From doggy style to cowgirl all the way to spooning this toy did not let me down once ! The harness is incredibly soft and well padded therefore letting the giver feel no saw rubbing pain from the movements. My partner found pleasure in the padding as she said it gave a nice but firm pressure on her clitoris making her for the first time reach orgasm with a strap-on. The only downfall would have to be the lifelike balls which are not necessary or could have been made with more precision (i.e softer and more realistic). 

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