Switzerland moves forward the approval of Equal Marriage.

Luckily during Pride Month there are Countries who make a real difference for their LGBT+ communities improving their lives.

Unlike what is happening in Poland, Switzerland is moving towards real equal rights for every citizen. There is a big “Yes” to the project for the application of the parliamentary initiative of the liberal Green Party proposing “Equal marriage for all” and “yes” to lesbian couples applying to receive donor’s semen to get pregnant.

The Swiss National Council approved – with 132 votes against 52 and 13 abstentions – the dossier that would finally allow real equality for all Swiss citizens regardless of social class. If everything goes in the right direction, and therefore also the Council of States will adopt the above dossier – which is very likely to happen – Switzerland will have to hold a referendum for the modification of the Civil Code.

The Federal Constitution guarantees the right to marriage and family, without defining sex, and this still does not explain why those regulations could not be applied to LGBT+ people too.

It is therefore not a question of creating new rights, but of making sure that everyone can profit of those existing rights, including the right to marry, with all that this law implies.

To be clear.

The main lines of the bill are well known now: the laws currently governing marriage would also apply in the future to couples of the same sex. As a result, it will no longer be possible to form new “registered partnerships” as it happened till today.

So, should this revision get in force, partners who had a registered partnership, will still be able to remain bound by this legal institution. At the same time, those who wish to convert their registered partnership into a marriage would be able to do so without unnecessary bureaucracy.


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