Polands gets even more homophobic with their president picturing the LGBT+ community as enemies.

And some people still ask why we need Gay Prides every year.

The air in Poland is getting barely breathable for the LGBT+ community that after the “LGBT+ free zones” are now being portrayed as enemies by Poland’s president which is looking for a second term of power in this month of elections. To make sure he gets a better social impact on the population, Andrzej Duda pleased those nazi-catholic groups of people (including religious representatives) by signing a “family-values-declaration”, where he promised to always “protect children from LGBT+ ideology” and prohibit the spread of such ideas involving public institutions that will have to make sure that nothing like this will ever happen.

President Duda said: “This is a foreign ideology that we won’t allow to be introduced into our country. The issue of LGBT rights and sex education seeks to penetrate into our reality, sometimes by force.”

According to Bloomberg, last week Premier Mateusz Morawiecki pledged to defend Poles from “ideological experiments,” while another Law & Justice official compared same-sex marriages  (which are illegal in Poland) to zoophila.

Poland ranks worst in the EU for LGBT+ rights, according to the international advocacy group ILGA.

Law & Justice

This new era of President Duda, represented by the Law & Justice Party, helped him to polarise and increase his electorate and make sure that all those extremist groups scattered around the country could vote for him.

The entire campaign is based on picturing Duda as a defender of the real Polish traditions which are strongly Christian and have to be preserved from the liberalism and gay-propaganda imported from Europe. Tones of the election campaign are on fire and are aiming to undermine Trzaskowski’s integrity (Warsaw Mayor, that is seen as possible winner of the election on June 28th), with public television running stories about whether Rafal Trzaskowski is truly Catholic and ready to save the country from the LGBT+ propaganda.

Duda tweeted that under his watch, marriage will remain a union between a man and a woman. In reaction, Trzaskowski said that if he wins, he’ll represent all types of families, including single-parent ones, as “the role of the Polish president is to build a community.

Ruling party lawmaker Tomasz Rzymkowski said last week that the country of 38 million faced a “civilizational choice.” He posted a cartoon on social media comparing gay marriage to that of a man and a goat, as we report below.


Isn’t this so disgusting?

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