Tunisia and the possibly fake recognition of a gay marriage

What’s the truth behind the news?

We have recently reported the fantastic news of a possible recognition of a marriage happened between a French man and a Tunisian man in France which, apparently, got automatically recognised in Tunisia too.

But apparently now, after so many rumors, confirmations and denials, Tunisia Minister Zitoun quashes reports that this happened.

The LGBT+ rights campaigner Peter Tatchell told the Jerusalem Post Wednesday that “this ruling is disappointing but not unexpected. […] A same-sex marriage conducted in France appeared to be recognized by default by the Tunisian authorities, possibly due to an administrative oversight. […] The Tunisian government has now confirmed that it does not recognize such marriages.”

What is the explanation given by Zitoun?

Apparantly this “recognition” was only a mistake that was quickly rectified as “there is no centralisation of civil status data at the ministry of local affairs. We are therefore in the process of verifying the information”. 

Minister Zitoun also added that “French law does not allow recognition of same-sex marriage by Maghreb countries. There was a precedent, an error committed by the municipality of Tunis. And it has been rectified”

On the other hand, the position of many politicians in the north African country is not clear to everyone. If president Kaïs Saïed still opposes decriminalising homosexuality, its prime minister – Elyes Fakhfakh – has shown a friendly side of the country speaking in favor of LGBT+ rights at times.

Why are we not surprised then to read such news? Well, no need to say that religious extremism is so predictable and rich in hate for whatever kind of freedom that might shake and threaten their stability and power over people. 

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