Arisa: the Italian singer that many would love to see at Eurovision

Arisa has recently released a new single called “Ricominciare Ancora” (tr: let’s restart) and with her voice is ready to let her fans dream again.

Arisa (real name Rosalba Pippa) is a famous Italian singer that won twice Festival di Sanremo – the national Italian song festival – and is widely considered to have one of the most powerful and beautiful voices of the entire Italian panorama.

She has recently released her new single, after the lock-down due to Covid 19 pandemic, and it is a positive message for everyone. Interviewed by some Italian radios, when talking about her new song, she often said:

“I consider it [Ricominciare Ancora] a manifesto of rebirth, a caress, a push towards a more aware dimension that describes us as protagonists of our time and architects of our destiny. A Re-start for everyone; I re-start from myself, from my music and from the people who follow me. It is a song that reaches straight to the heart and expresses great positivity, but is also food for  positive thoughts “.

She is a very peculiar artist well known for being genuinely humble and friendly with everyone.

Arisa won Sanremo for the last time in 2014, just the year before the regulations of the contest changed: since the following year, in fact, the winner of the festival has the right to represent Italy to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Rumours say that, back in 2018, she started a conversation with RTV San Marino to be chosen as their representative for ESC, but apparently she did not even get to be selected for the national competition which would have chosen their representative for that year. (We want to specify that even though we have searched a lot to find confirmations of this last news, we could not find anything that would either confirm or negate the above, so we just report what we have “heard” os social medias.)

Arisa is a singer able to transform into a real melody even the words of the instructions of your new Ikea table.

On February 8th 2019, Arisa released her album called “Una Nuova Rosalba in Città” (tr: there’s a new Rosalba in the city), that contained the Italian remake of the winning ESC2017 song “Amar Pelos Dois” by Salvador Sobral.


Who knows, maybe she could really be one of the next Italian singers at Eurovision Song Contest and finally take back to Italy the deserved trophy.

Well.. for now we can simply enjoy her latest song.

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