Eurovision Song Contest 2020 and 2021: The Mamas won’t be Sweden’s representatives.

After the sad news of the cancellation of Eurovision Song Contest 2020, more news will follow.

And of course one of the most asked questions from all Eurovisioners is whether all the artists which were selected for Eurovision Song Contest 2020 will stay the same for 2021.

Sweden is the first country to announce that The Mamas – winners of Melodiefestivalen 2020 and that participated to ESC2020 in Tel Aviv as support voices for John Lundvik – won’t participate to Eurovision 2021 for Sweden. The new representative will be chosen – as it normally happens – through the song festival that Sweden organises each year to select their cast for Eurovision.

The announcement was give by Christer Bjorkman – head of Sweden Delegation.

It is a sad news anyway but it is the right thing to do.

What will happen now with all the other artists who were selected for this Eurovision Song Contest 2020? Apparently all countries participating to ESC will now have the right to chose their new singer for Esc2021.

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