Freaky is the way! Senhit’s hymn to the beauty of diversity for Eurovision 2020.

It is Friday 13th of a leap year in which we are facing a freaking pandemic alarm: shouldn’t we only be writing about beautiful things today?

As we have mentioned here, Senhit has been chosen by San Marino as representative for this Eurovision Song Contest 2020 which will be held (hopefully without programme changes) in Rotterdam from 12th to 16th May 2020.

To select which of the two competing songs had to be performed on the stage of Eurovision 2020 between Freaky and Obsessed, the singer had put on an on-line ballot on her website last Saturday and Sunday.

The video is a triumph of colours, a hymn to that diversity which is part of our normalcy and which must not frighten us, but it must be celebrated, fully lived and enjoyed.

This year San Marino hit it with a unique trio: a great artist, a very catchy song and a lot of rainbow-friendly attitude.

I really think we will see her in the grand final.

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