PIxar’s OUT: a new story with a gay character.

After Officer Spencer, the lesbian character in Onward, Pixar includes always more LGBT+ characters in their movies.

One small step for Pixar, one giant leap for LGBT+ presence in animations movies.

Pixar released Out, a new short animation film that features the first gay main character in the studio’s three-decade history. This family-friendly film (which is available to stream on Disney+) follows Greg’s story who’s preparing to move into a big city apartment with his boyfriend, Manuel.

Greg, however, hasn’t come out to his parents yet, and the things get even more interesting when his parents surprisingly show up to help him pack. The story gets even ‘trickier’ – but in a nice and fun way – but, with the help of his dog, and a little bit of magic, Greg learns that he has nothing to hide.

The always more inclusive policy of Pixar and Disney are creating a little ‘revolution’ in the history of animated movies and this should actually throw a much better light on the normality of LGBT+ families and help young generations to be more inclusive trying to eradicate homophobia and racism.

What surprises us the most are all those complaints Disney and Pixar received and still receive from ‘bigoted and god fearing parents’ that accuse these two producers to ‘push their gay agenda on their kids’ or to ‘transform straight kids into gay kids’…. do they really think Disney and Pixar have got magic powers to do this?

This is so sadly hilarious though: no one has ever complained about the sexy and sexually explicit character of Jessica Rabbit in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, where she provokingly showed her enormous breasts and sexy body, where she held very ‘sex-allusive’ talks with some other characters, but then if we have an LGBT+ representative in an animation movie, only then children could run risk for their ‘sexual and mental health’!

What a strange world!

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