Road To Eurovision: Italy, Portugal and San Marino’s Entries.

What a week for Eurovision Lovers like us! Three entries, three new songs, and 2 almost unexpected entries to the competition in Rotterdam.

The very first big surprise was given to us by Sanremo 2021 – the Festival of Italian Song – that crowned Måneskin as the winners of this edition with their song “Zitti e Buoni”. Since a few years now, this Italian selection also decides who will represent the country – that almost won ESC in 2019 with Soldi by Mahmoud – on the stage of Eurovision contest.

Måneskin come almost as unexpected winners because of their music background which is rock, explicit and real and goes far from the classical pop, melodic song that Sanremo got all Italians used to. 

This group will surely rock the stage in Rotterdam putting the audience to choose which rock they prefer: the Finnish or the Italian one? 

TheGaylyVote from #Titina21: 9/10!


Another unexpected entry to this ESC2021 comes from my beloved Portugal with The Black Mamba who won the Festival da Canção 2021 with their song “Love Is On My Side”. This is the very first Portuguese entry which is completely in English. 

The song is a ballad, a romantic one too but it also a song about hope inviting us to never give up on our dreams.

The Black Mamba is a Portuguese band formed in May 2010 with a music style that varies amongst blues, soul music and funk.

They have already released three albums and toured big cities such as London, Philadelphia and Madrid, performing also in  the famous festival Rock In Rio Brazil in 2013.

Pedro (Tatanka) is the lead vocalist and has also got a solo project where he mostly sings in Portuguese and in a very different register.

TheGaylyVote from #Titina21: 7/10

And here we go with one of our absolute favourite queens of Eurovision 2021: Senhit!

You’ll surely remember her during our interview here and with all the songs she released – since last year – for her project #FreakyTripToRotterdam. Well babes, this year San Marino’s representative is really doing things in order to win Esc2021. The song that Senhit will sing in Rotterdam is called “Adrenalina” and it is a pure injection of happiness and adrenaline.

Together with her, Flo Rida, super famous rapper that sings all the rapped lyrics of the song. 

This is the kind of song that a Eurovisioner like my wants to see performed on that stage, the kind of song that has to win the competition, especially in a year like this, after all we’ve been through so far. A song that makes you want to forget the past, wear your best smile and outfit, get out in the sun, in the streets and dance!

TheGaylyVote from #Titina21: 10 ACROSS THE BOARD!!!!

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