The 30 year old child: Why do Lesbians not mature with time ?

We are selfish, desire driven, drama queen, lust motivated women who are destroying our very own environment by opening the door to continuous and poisonous drama. 


Have you ever found yourself at a Lesbian soiree and come to the conclusion that they all live at home, no potential career, no class and no general ambition unless it’s to indulge in drama. Lesbians would make great drama script writers but instead they opt for the minimal that life has to offer. Why are we not prone to bettering ourselves ? Is working as a waitress and in sales all we are worthy of complying to ? Any job is an honest job but when we have been given the opportunities so many seek why do we conform to being unambitious individuals ? If you walk into She bar you will mostly find women who have opted out of university and have settled for a bare minimum. They are content to spend most nights in Soho going through the groundhog day experience. If drama isn’t enough then no matter their age, they will create more for it to be blown out of proportion. I thought 13 year old teenagers were bad enough but guess what, we are worse. 

From sex dramas to betrayals we don’t cease to amaze society how low we can attain. I sit back and I watch the dramas unfold. Friends of mine who have slept with their own siblings partners but still find a reason to justify their unholy act. Why are lesbian so overwhelmed by lust and desire ? What makes us seek drama and worship it like a Sunday sermon. Evidently, we are the community most attained by dramas and though we seek it we do not always find pleasure among the outcomes of our own doing. We make drag queens and their persona look like boring middle-aged men with no class and no aspiration. They might as well give up and let us pave the way for the imaginative persona of over dramatisation.

We could argue that it is a matter for society but it does not affect all communities and the excuse that lesbians cannot achieve career success based on biasness due to their sexuality is nothing more than a load of codswallop. We are happy to sit back and not push too hard otherwise there will be no room for Soho weekday nights out promoting our little dramas and creating another load for the weekend. Funnily enough, we do not have much else to talk about among ourselves if it is not to bring up a drama, bad mouth a person, share a sexual experience or point out who we want to bed.

No wonder we are not taken seriously since we have no self-respect but could this change ? YES ! If we start bettering ourselves and making our bars openly friendly. I know many lesbians who do not want to go to GAY (basement) or She bar because it is not a place we can escape to to relax and to meet new likemninded individuals. Pucker up girls, we are destroying our own environment…

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