The #FreakyTripToRotterdam continues with Senhit wishing “Merry Christmas” in a very special way.

Never before has a Eurovision singer gone so far, perhaps also because never before have we experienced such an unusual year in the history of this festival.

Senhit, Italian singer running under San Marino’s flag, which we interviewed here, is working the extra mile to take us all with her on a #FreakyTripToRotterdam.

She has already sung different remakes of famous Eurovision songs, and all of them have been restyled, renewed and reinterpreted in unique ways, bringing messages of positivity, hope and love to all listeners.

This new remake is a song that won Eurovision in 2017, sung by Salvador Sobral from Portugal, a song that already brings a powerful message of love and strength, where the loving one in the couple is aware that maybe the other person is not ready to love, is afraid to let their love show, so he knows that it will be hard, but his love is so strong that his heart is ready to love for both of them.

Senhit takes this message of love, hope and strength and empowers it with even more love and hope. A love that embraces all human beings with no differentiations at all, a hope that is strong even in poverty and allows happiness to take over and make people feel loved, important for one another.

The one that we see in Senhit’s video, is a love that has no boundaries, a love that is love, and transforms the idea of the famous nativity in a more modern one, a colourful one… yes, a rainbow nativity. The intention behind is surely to show everyone that family is where love is, and what children need is love, care and happiness…not just a mother and a father, but someone who truly, deeply and honestly loves them.

The musical adaptation transforms Amar Pelos Dois in a more dreamy song, almost a lullaby, but then, all of a sudden wakes us up allowing us to keep on dreaming with our eyes wide open, even when Senhit dances on a rhythmic and catchy choreography by Luca Tommassini.

To be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of San Marino in the past editions of Eurovision, but this girl is promising great surprises.

Watch our interview with Senhit.

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