The Roop – From Lithuania to the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam

Less than 100 days left before the musical event most waited by all the LGBT+ communities of Europe and Australia and I have already fallen in love with a band.

Who am I talking about? I’m talking about the trio of wonders that is “on fire” – The Roop.

The Lithuanian band conquered the jury and viewers of the National Selection for Eurovision with their “On Fire”, and won the honour of representing their country at this Eurovision 2020. They had come close to participating in the contest already in 2017, but for a few points then they did not made it.

This year, the guys of The Roop were asked again to participate to the selection, and luckily they answered yes: their video is among the most watched of all the songs competing in ESC2020 and we are all on fire for their choreography.

A music that oscillates between pop, electro and indie, supported by lyrics and a choreography that together form a unique mix, are undoubtedly an excellent pass for the final of this Eurovision … or at least I wish them to get there!

What are their names?

The Roop
From left to right: Robertas Baranauskas, Vaidotas Valiukevičius, Mantas Banišauskas

The song

I’ll use Vaidotas’ words to describe it:

“This year’s song is about something I carried within and observed around myself. It’s about writing yourself off too quickly. We are underestimating ourselves too often. We think we don’t meet some standards or that we are uninteresting, too young, too old.”

Speaking with a music producer, Vaidotas learned that very often people in their twenties go to producers but declare that they feel too old to reach any goal. The singer believes that the cult of young people is too large and inadequate.

“People in their thirties already feel untimely aged and hopeless. I believe this is not normal. I faced such thoughts myself, but I strived to change my approach to things, put more energy into my activities than I did when I was 20. With this song I wish to send my listeners confidence and good vibes. We are all capable of being who we want, when we want, and age is not important” –  Vaidotas said.

According to the band, the name of the song “On Fire” means being in a state of excitement, feeling passionate, committed and full of energy.

The music video was produced by director Indrė Juškutė and director of photography Adomas Jablonskis, and Indrė describes the idea of ​​the video as follows:

“We are often observed by others as if through a magnifying glass, we search for ourselves in reflections of other people, in the public opinion, in gazes of strangers, and most frequently the image is incomplete, crooked. But when you gain confidence reflections become nothing but a game”.

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