World AIDS Day – 5 golden rules to prevent HIV infections

Sex is one of the most satisfying activities for the greatest number of human beings. But sex does not only involve your body… it must also involve your head, as if it does not, then we run serious risks.

Having a fulfilling sexual life is fundamental for many people of different ages, and we do agree that sex is also a fantastic way to explore our bodies and become one only body with the other person(s) and to share with them a spiral of feelings and emotions that no words can express.

So we thought about 5 golden rules to respect and follow to enjoy sex as much as possible and reduce the risk of contracting HIV, but before you start reading them, there is something you always have to remember. Sex is something you make using both your head and your body, so please, always feel your body, listen to it, like this you will know when you are ready or willing to really have this physical experience.

PrEP-HIV - correct information by The Gayly Mirror1 -ALWAYS use condoms and use them correctly! Click here to find out “how to correctly use a condom”. If you do not like the idea of having a “layer” between you and the other, there is anyway another way to avoid getting infected with HIV/AIDS. This is called PrEP and it is a long lasting treatment. PrEP stands for Pre Exposure Prophylaxis, and when taken as prescribed it becomes 99% more effective at preventing HIV infections. The Gayly Mirror has prepared a detailed and comprehensive guide to PrEP. Read it here –> Part 1 and Part 2.

2 – Reduce the number of sexual partners: let’s be honest, sex is beautiful, and being physically in contact with someone makes us feel good. But if we want to reduce the risk of contracting AIDS, or even other minor infectious diseases, it would be good to also reduce our sexual partners, since the higher their number, the greater the chance that someone, even unknowingly, could be a carrier of that bastard viral load. Share your body, but do it wisely.

3 – Test your blood for HIV but also for all other Sexually Transmitted Illnesses, and encourage your partners to do the same: if you are lucky enough to have a rich and pleasant sexual life, take a test at least once a year. Sexually transmitted diseases can have repercussions on your health even in the long term, and can also increase the risk of contracting HIV or passing it on to others.

4 – If you or your partner are HIV-positive, carry out all HIV treatments continuously, to reduce the viral load in the blood and body fluids. When done correctly, therapies can keep people with HIV healthy for many years, and greatly reduce their chances of passing the virus to their sexual partners.

5 – Be conscious about every type of sex. It is not easy, and we know it, but apparently there are type of sexual practices more dangerous than others amongst those widely labelled as more of “normal types of sex”. Anal sex, for example, is undoubtedly the practice with the highest risk of transmitting the virus. HIV can be sexually transmitted through blood, sperm, pre-spermatic fluid (the so-called pre-cum), rectal and vaginal fluids. Sexual activities that do not put you in direct contact with the exchange of these bodily fluids carry low risks of contraction, but they are dangerous anyway for other transmittable illnesses. So please, go back to rule number 1 and enjoy sex (even with different partners) being free-minded.

These are, of course, only five of many other rules/tips to follow in order to take care of yourself and of the people you love or share intimacy with. For more information, consult your doctor, the local health authorities or the appropriate bodies, that can provide you with more pieces of information and details on methods of contraception, on risky sexual behaviours, advise you for tests and much more.

Remember: hugs and kisses do not spread HIV. Ignorance does.

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