Disney to release their long-awaited bisexual lead in The Owl House

Disney is making strides with the LGBT+ representation in their films, and they shall soon feature a bisexual protagonist.

You will surely remember the other animation movie that had a lesbian character and the famous Duck Tales with two gay dads– unfortunately not well accepted in all countries – and Disney continues to make strides in the representation of LGBT+ characters.

The Owl Housethis is the name of TV Series that should represent a bisexual protagonist – which airs on the Disney Channel, sees its lead character named Luz – a 14-year-old Dominican-American, that has already given some hints on her sexuality, to be possibly queer.

Luz (whose voice belongs to Sarah-Nicole Robles) has previously shown interest in guys, but recently fans have noticed her growing interest fro Amity – her once-enemy (Voice by Mae Whitman) – which in the last episodes shows a thriving desire to ask Luz to go to prom with her.

As soon as fans started voicing the possibility of having a bisexual character, Dana Terrace (creator) twitted:


And added


Young and open minded Disney’s fans have welcomed the news and look forward to the possibility of always more inclusive animated movies and series to be released on the channel and on big screens.

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