Eurovision 2021 – Måneskin are back in Italy and today they will be taking a drug test.

The band that won Eurovision 2021, landed in Rome yesterday and quickly communicated the they are all going to get tested for drugs today 24th May 2021.

This is what the lead-singer, Damiano David, communicated via social networks to all their fans and to those who followed them during Eurovision Song Contest 2021, for them to stop all those speculations saying that he used drugs during the live Grand Final of the competition.

This drug test, and a negative result, could finally stop the case of allegations launched by the Swedish press-accredited-person in the Press Room during the Winner’s press conference after the grand final of the Eurovision 2021, and from the newspaper Paris Match, on the possible use of drugs by Damiano David. 

EBU released a press note a few hours later, that you can find here.

RAI – Italian TV – confirmed to be “surprised” for these allegations; accuses that appear “absurd” to the eyes of RAI Delegation that keeps on expressing their satisfaction for “unmistakable victory of the band” in Rotterdam and also added that they will keep on supporting the band.

We do hope that once a negative test is received and communicated, we can all stop this useless case that simply – in my humble opinion – that some players cannot really manage to lose.

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