Eurovision 2021 – Second Semifinal – Qualifiers and Reactions

The Second Semifinal of Eurovision 2021 has just elected ten new qualifiers, and even though we might not fully agree with the final selection, we still thank G.d for EUROVISION!

What a bumpy road this Eurovision 2021 is travelling on: latest news informed us that unfortunately Duncan Laurence will not be taking part to the live event on Saturday because he tested positive to Covid-19, and you can read the full article here.

Did we agree with Semifinal 1 qualifiers? Well…not completely, and we commented and reacted all finalists with our new friends Toy&Goy in this live video.

Tonight, 6:00 PM UK Time / 7:00 PM CEST we will be live again for a new live episode of Daily ESC form the Press Room in Rotterdam. Click Here to set a reminder.

Who are the new 10 qualifiers from Semifinal 2 of Eurovision 2021?

Eurovision 2021 - finalist of the second semifinal
Do we agree with all of them? 

You will be surprised to read that, yes! We do agree with almost all of the qualifiers tonight and we are so happy to see that Senhit, The Black Mamba and Anxhela Peristeri are in the final.

Would I personally have preferred to see someone different in the final? Yes, I would! I would have honestly replaced Finland with Denmark; Czech Republic with Moldova and Poland with Finland. Unpopular opinion? Maybe, but I’m still an 80’s Pop child.

Mentions of Honour 

Senhit Second Semifinal Eurovision 2021


Senhit from San Marino – she slayed, she nailed it, she was able to really set whole Ahoy Arena on fire and let us feel the “Adrenalina”! She’s been true to herself for the whole #FreakyTripToRotterdam and she really was the Freaky Queen that we all love. This for sure will be a performance that will be remembered for a long, long time and will surely end up in the Eurovision History Books. San Marino leveled up their entries, and I’m sure that who will come after her at Eurovision, will really feel the pressure of this phenomenal staging.

Our second Mention of Honour goes to The Black Mamba for their consistency of perfection in their perfomance: every single performance – from the rehearsals to tonight’s semifinal – has been simply stunning, perfect, catchy, clean and effective. Parabéns (congrats) guys! You really made Portugal proud of you.

Third mention of honour goes to Anxhela Peristeri for her great perfomance. Such a heart-melting song, great vocals that carried me away during the rehearsals and that tonight really too my breath away. Albani has got us used to great music, stagings and performances in the last couple of years and I would not be surprised to see Anxhela in the top 15 of the Grand Final of Eurovision 2021.


Fourth Mention of Honour goes to the sexy trio from Serbia: The Hurricane! Guuuurl!! They have the vocals, the moves, the bodies, the attitude, the nerves and the power of a three big super stars who know what they want, how to get your attention on them for the whole duration of their performance and how to make you dance and sing…even if you do not speak a single word of Serbian!!

Our Last mention of honour goes to Victoria from Bulgaria. Such a profound song, a simple staging that was able to give the song even more power, more meaning and allowed the artist to get to our hearts. The emotions she felt while singing really got to the audience in the arena and back home; the way that she looked at the picture of her father and “caressed” it, made me feel emotional, and I am not ashamed to say that I cried. Brava, Victoria!


And you? Are you happy with the qualifiers of this second semifinal of Eurovision 2021? Have you say, and follow us on Friday 21st May at 6:00 PM UK time/7:00 PM CEST for a live episode of Daily ESC news. A new special guest from the Press Room in the Ahoy Arena will comment the qualifiers and the second semifinal with us. Set the reminder for the video below!




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