Eurovision 2021 – Turquoise Carpet – The best 3 outfits of the day

Eurovision 2021 kicked off the most important week of the competition with the Turquoise Carpet in Rotterdam. TheGaylyMirror followed the ceremony and made a personal Top3 of the best outfits of the day.

It has a been a very complicated start for the Competition Week of Eurovision 2021: the delegations from Iceland and Poland had someone of their teams who tested positive for Covid-19 and could attend the opening event. Due to the fact that the delegations of Romania and Malta are staying at the same hotel as the Polish team, as a precaution, they also could not attend the Turquoise Carpet.

All the delegations will have to take PCR tests, and in case of negative results they will be allowed to participate live to each one’s respective semifinal.

But who had the best score for their outfit?

Almost all the artists who participated in the Opening Event of The Turquoise Carpet showed their style, karisma, nerve and uniqueness wearing unique outfits: Tusse surprised us all with his green H&M outfit. He did brought their Swedish cuture to the next level.

Tusse – Sweden on the Turquoise Carpet of Eurovision 2021. Source: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images Europe

Also the sweet and vocally-powerful Eden from Israel, delighted us all with her with-ice-fairy-fantasty dress. Well Done sweetheart!

Eden Alene on the Turquoise Carpet of Eurovision 2021. Source: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images Europe

And finally our TOP 3!!

Third position goes to the Albanian singer, Anxhela Peristeri, who dared a super sexy outfit which really boosted her beauty and her being a femme-fatale! She appeared super sexy, but still very elegant and beautiful in her red-Jessica-Rabbit-Fantasy Moment. Well done Anxhela!!! You deserve our 8/10!!

Anxhela Peristeri – Turquoise Carpet of Eurovision 2021. Source Geekycraze.com

Second place is four our beloved and always super well-dressed Måneskin. The Italian artists presented themselves wearing suites that were designed for them by ETRO. Their style breaks the rules and the stereotypes of gender. Well done! We gave you 9/10!

Månesking on the Turquoise Carpet of Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam. Source: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images Europe

And here she is! OUR NUMBER 1!

Senhit from San Marino wins the prize for the Best Outfit on The Turquoise Carpet of Eurovision 2021! She is living her Afro-Japanese Empress Fantasty Cuture Dream and we LOVE it! Even in this situation she showed us all her big heart. The Delegation of San Marino was the only one to walk on that carpet waving the flags of all the other delegations who could not participate to the opening ceremony because of quarantine.


Senhit on the Turquoise Carpet of Eurovision 2021 – Source: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images Europe

For all other gossips, news and latest updates live from the press room of Rotterdam Ahoy Arena and Eurovision 2021, stay tuned on this magazine and on our YouTubeChannel! See you tonight, 6pm UK Time!

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