Israel has chosen the song for Eurovision 2020: Feker Libi.

Among the 4 songs written for Eden Alene, Feker Libi triumphed over them all.

Last night KAN broadcasted a music and colourful show where the four songs that had been written for Eden Alene and her participation to Eurovision 2020, competed and received jury’s votes.  The winning song was Feker Libi (Raffa’s favorite).

Feker Libi was written and composed for Eden by Doron Medalie and Idan Raichel.

Eden is of Ethiopian descent and the song that won the selection is written in 4 different languages: Amharic, Arabic, English and Hebrew. Feker Libi is Amharic and means “the one I love”.

After the show Eden commented:

“I didn’t have my favorite song. It is a song that represents our entire nation, it made me emotional but also had a lot of fun! “

Despite the great joy for the victory of this song, KAN has announced that the Israeli delegation will not participate in the “Meet and Greet” to be held in Amsterdam shortly as a precaution against Coronavirus. The same delegation announced that they will not participate in Eurovision preparations in Rotterdam following the guidelines of the Israeli Ministry of Health, which urged Israelis to travel abroad only if strictly necessary.

Of course, even the other songs in the competition deserved a lot and they were really good too. You can listen to them below.

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