Who could the Hosts be for Eurovision 2022?

The next edition of Eurovision Song Contest is getting closer day by day and rumours have already started about who might be the hosts of the contest this year, at PalaOlimpico Stadium, in Turin.

A name that had early emerged as a potential host and shocked the Eurovision community was the the famous Lebanese-British singer, MIKA. The artist behind hits such as “Grace Kelly” or “Take it Easy” had worked in Italy for a few years now, as one of the judges of X Factor. However, MIKA’s management had recently denied all the rumours that he could eventually be one of the hosts. The singer is not known for having a very positive view over Eurovision, so that outcome doesn’t come as a surprise for the fan community.

Another name that had emerged is the one and only Senhit. Even though having represented San Marino twice in Eurovision, she is an Italian singer. She is probably one of the most lovable artists amongst Eurovision artists. A Change.org petiton was even created to call for Italian broadcaster RAI to choose Senhit as the host for the event. What do you think could be her chances? Likely to happen or just a dream?

Alessandro Cattalan and Chiara Ferragni are now the front runners for hosting the competition. Alessandro is a reknowned personality in the Italian television, being one of the judges of The X Factor. Chiara is one of the world’s leading fashion designers and influencers. These two are probably the highest bet by RAI broadcaster.

Do you agree with these names? Share your thoughts and if you think of someone else, do not hesitate sharing with us!

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