Why we should never give up on finding love

If all else fails in life, love is always to be found somewhere. Love is the reason why we should never give up.


Love is no longer the storyline of a 1950’s film scenario. You’re not going to turn up to a party and there sits your soulmate playing the piano and exchanging glances. Love is confined to online dating platforms unless you consider a one night stand pick-up at a lesbian bar sufficient. Actually, a quickie at a lesbian bar is ample for most lesbians. Correct me if I’m wrong but love no longer seems to be the main goal for most people and thus begins the life journey on finding a partner who is socially acceptable based on their career, status and financial standing in contrast to finding someone who can bestow upon you daily butterflies. The three main questions when dating are ‘Did you vote for Brexit?’, ‘Are you a Tory ?’ and ‘Are you financially comfortable ?’. If I had to answer those questions to which I have many times and without success, I have noticed how standards have severely fallen in terms of what is foreseen as a ‘good’ match. I base love on personality and on character traits – If your partner cannot have you in stitches one minute and thrown into an abyss of love in the next then where are the Elysian Fields to love ?


Are we to translate financial stability as endearment, social status as devotion and political standing as fondness ? The argument of love has torn to pieces its conceptual enchantment. The core to our happiness with an individual has found itself reduced to bias social denominations. Love isn’t to be interpreted at a surfacial base, it is our secret pathway into utopia and can only be found if we go beyond the superficiality we have programmed our happiness to. Love isn’t a survey where you can tick the boxes and answer a couple of questions. It’s the luminescence saving grace when all is else dark. Without love we would live in a world where humanity would have no meaning so why do we conform to the superficial requirements of what makes a life-long relationship a success. We have been withdrawn from our feelings and emotions and taught to put them aside and to throw away the key. To bear the scars of love is to have lived and to have lived is to have felt. Love is what makes happiness bloom so why are we giving up on it entirely ?

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