Young gay couple brutally attacked in Milan (Italy)

Milan has always been a very gay-friendly city, but there are too many homophobic idiots around.

one of the attacked guys in Milano - Young gay couple gets brutally attacked in Milan
one of the attacked guys in Milano

The happening last night in Milan, in a quiet and warm evening in this city hardly  hit by Coronavirus. First the homophobic offenses, heavy, ugly, and then the beatings.

The incident was promptly reported by the GayCenter of Rome – which operates at national level – and by their spokesperson, Mr. Fabrizio Marrazzo who said:

Mr. Fabrizio Marrazzo

“Last night in Milan a 20-year-old gay couple was insulted and attacked. The couple was eating on a bench in a park and a boy with a beard and tattoos on a scooter approached him and started to offend them with homophobic insults, to the boys’ answers he punched S., which you see in the video, wounding him in the face. The case was reported to us on our Gay Help Line 800 713 713, just a few days after we had released the report for IDAHOT 2020 where we reported over 20 thousand cases in the last year throughout Italy, and a growth in violence and homophobia and transphobia towards young people. Listening to the boy, there is also a lack of support from police, for this we appeal to Prime Minister Conte, who expressed himself in favour of an Anti-homophobia law on Sunday, to gather political forces around a table and find convergence on a law that will assist the victims and introduce the crime for homo-bi-trans-phobia as in other countries. “


Here you can see the video that one of the two guys was able to make.

Just last Sunday, on the occasion of the IDHOT2020, both President Giuseppe Conte and the President of the Republic, Hon. Sergio Mattarella, spoke out against all forms of violence, strongly condemning all the coward acts of homo-bi-transphobia, which represent one of the many social plagues that the Italian LGBT+ community is suffering.

Mattarella himself had said: “The anniversary of 17th May was chosen, internationally, to promote the fight against discrimination, the fight against prejudices and the promotion of knowledge regarding all those phenomena which, through homophobia, transphobia and biphobia, perpetrate continuous violations of human dignity. “

And Conte had expressed himself as follows: “The International Day against Homophobia is not a simple anniversary, a celebratory occasion. It must also be a moment of reflection for everyone and, in particular, for those who have a role in institutions to take action to encourage the inclusion and respect of people. This is why I invite all political forces to converge on a law against homophobia that also points to a robust cultural education action: violence is a cultural problem and a social responsibility”.

So when does a real law that punishes those who commit acts of Homophobia and fully protect the LGBT+ citizens of this beautiful country?

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